I’m a writer, editor and educator who helps people and organizations share their work with the world.

Current clients include:

Democracy Fund

Membership Puzzle Project

As a consultant with Democracy Fund, I work with their new Digital Democracy Initiative on web content related to grassroots efforts and public policy to protect civil rights and democracy in the 21st century. For their Local News Initiative, I’ve written case studies on innovations in local news, and helped grow their email newsletter.

With Membership Puzzle Project, I edit copy for case studies and newsletters about how newsrooms around the world are working towards sustainability, and rewriting the social contract with their audiences in the process.

I cowrite Bare Bones, a weekly(ish) newsletter about food, family and what nourishes us, with award-winning cookbook author Beth Dooley (yes, my mother!) and I teach communications studies at American University in Washington, D.C.

I began my career teaching high school english and social studies while earning an M.S. in Education at The University of Pennsylvania. I bring an educator’s eye to all I do.

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