TenleyTalk with Poet David Keplinger

I sat down with poet and professor David Keplinger to discuss teaching, artistic craft, and how poetry can help us lead more authentic, inspired lives.

HBCU Musicians Preserve Legacy of WWI Ragtime

Jazz forever changed the face of modern music — but before jazz there was ragtime, and an often-overlooked composer named James Reese Europe, who introduced swing music to France with his World War I regiment band. Now, a group of musicians from HBCU’s is passing on his legacy as they tour the country.

November Project DC Builds Community Through Free Workouts

“When we’re here in the morning, it doesn’t matter what you do, it doesn’t matter what your day job is. It just matters that you’re here and you care about each other and getting fit.” — Mary Kusler, November Project DC tribe member.

Virginia’s 10th Congressional District Goes Blue for First Time in 40 Years

Fritz Bondoa (right) was one of many Virginians who said they chose Democrat Jennifer Wexton over Republican Barbara Comstock to put a check on President Trump’s immigration policies.

Hundreds of Trump Supporters Rally on Washington Mall

Ahead of the 2018 midterms, supporters of President Trump are disowning white nationalist groups. Hundreds gathered in Washington this weekend to proclaim a (somewhat) more peaceful agenda.